How Short Term Car Insurance Saved My Life

When my very pregnant wife and I decided to take a two week road trip for our annual summer vacation, we made a decision that changed our lives forever: we decided to borrow my friend’s van. Our own car was rather old and worn down and we knew that it couldn’t take the wear and tear of a four thousand mile journey. Anyway, my best friend, Frank, offered his own up since he had suddenly decided to bike to work every day in order to lose weight before his own wedding.
Two days before we left on our trip, my wife tells me that we should get short term car insurance on the van. I was indignant about it at first. Why the hell would we do that after all? We were borrowing the car because we were trying to avoid spending a bunch of money and now we were going to have to pay a bundle for car insurance?

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 She was insistent about it; however, and once I found out the price I had to acquiesce. It wasn’t too bad and my wife made a convincing argument for it. “You never know!” She kept saying to me, “You just never know.” I hate it when she is right.

We got the short term car insurance for a twenty eight day period and within a week and a half we were off on our adventure. Everything went swimmingly for the first few days and I was beginning to feel more and more like I had been had by this whole insurance business. I changed my tune real quick when my wife’s water broker all over the front seat of the van. I was so surprised by the turn of events that I crashed into a pole. Thankfully neither of us was hurt in the accident, and the ambulances were at the location faster than I could have ever hoped, but the front of Frank’s van was completely banged up. Our trip was effectively over at that point and we wound up spending the next few days in the hospital bringing our son into the world.

If I had not listened to my wife, I would have had to pay an arm and a leg for the repair to his car. Frank might have ripped the appendages off himself, come to think of it. But, because we had the short term car insurance, the cost to us was very small and it wasn’t long before Frank’s car was repaired and looking even better than it did in the beginning. All in all, I guess my point is this: Listen to your wife!

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